• Limon Workforce Center Eastern Region - Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium - Colorado Department of Labor & Employment

    • Community Organizations/Resources/Services
    436 Ensign
    Fort Morgan, CO 808701
    Usual hours 8 to 12 and 1 to 5 M-F. Be aware we are part of many things and hours may vary.
    • About

      Limon Workforce Center is part of America's Job Network operated by Colorado Department of Labor & Employment through Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium - Eastern Region. This office runs about 16 different programs through the year. All at no cost to us our services.

      Employer Services to advertise job opportunities in our region. We post jobs on our https://www.connectingcolorado.com website. We help direct employers to appropriate places for wage and hour, mandatory signage, unemployment, workman's comp, labor laws and regulations and other. We also administer a large variety of tests for appropriate skills at the employers request. Example: How to follow directions, office skills, Word, Excel, accounting, and many others. We hold job fairs and hiring events to those employers requesting them.

      Job Seeker services to help people find jobs. We help put together resumes, do testing for jobs, answer questions or direct people to the right source for Unemployment, labor laws, and a variety of other resources.

      Educational or work experience services to people who qualify for our Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Grants.

      Each office puts together and does the work for Career fairs, Job Fairs, Youth Programs, Community Information Sessions and other workshops.

      We do H2A housing inspections to check OSHA regulations when people want to bring migrant workers to our area.

      Each office also has representatives on many committees in our respective communities.

    • Directions

      Limon Office is accessed by I-70 east and west, hwy 71 north and south, hwy 24 from CS, hwy 40 and hwy 287. We are the Hub City of Colorado.