• 2018

  • Annual Dinner

  • July in Limon

  • Hub City Classic Car and Motorcycle Show

    The 28th Annual Hub City Classic Car and Motorcycle Show was held Saturday, Aug 25, 2018. Twelve different classes were represented. 

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  • Blattner Job Fair

  • 2017

  • Annual Dinner

  • Badger Homecoming

  • June Meet 'n' Greet

  • Hub City Classic Car and Motorcycle Show

  • Yard of the Week

  • Story's

  • Did you know: After the war, the Limon Chamber of Commerce began to advertise Limon as the "Hub City of Eastern Colorado." (Photo via the Dan Houtz Photo Collection)- Mary Andersen, Limon Heritage Museum. 

  • Ben's Family Pharmacy - Celebrating their second anniversary

    Owners- Ben and Susan FerreeAs you walk into the store, you will see their special selection of toys, bringing back fond memories of how exciting toys stores were to all of us as kids, going into the store and being able to touch the different elements of a new toy, is once again creating memories for the younger generations. The addition of gifts, greeting cards, alternative therapy options, and over the counter medications, add to the hometown feel of their store.

    Their dedicated to help their customers navigate through different medications, to find the most effective at the lowest prices possible, while improving quality of life with accurate prescriptions and personalized counseling, can be seen in their strong, knowledgeable and caring staff. 

    The welcoming atmosphere of the store, truly show their love of the small rural community, we all have chosen to live in. 

    Congratulations to Susan, Ben and Family!

  • A wonderful work of art!In honor of their rural heritage, two sisters and a cousin painted this beautiful picture where everyone can see as they enter Limon from the East Exit! Take a tour through down town Limon and get a heart warming picture of what the ladies have created! 

  • D-J Petroleum Celebrate 70 Years!
    The Limon Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize Don and Helen Morrison on their 70th year of doing Business as D-J Petroleum.  Their love of family, dedication to their employees and the support to the community is a hallmark, due of recognition.  Don and Helen started in the Petroleum industry in 1947 and on July 1st of this year will mark their 70th anniversary.

    A Chamber member since the 1950's, I asked Don what was the secret to his success.  "Blessed, luck and lots of good friends and hard work to earn respect" said Don.  It was apparent that you could also add dedication, commitment, diligence, conscientiousness, persistence.  Looking at some of the awards and honors that surround his office and the amount of years that his employees have been with him, is telling.  With a great smile and spontaneous energy, most people would be envious of, it was a pleasure to visit with such a long time resident and Chamber member.

    Our interview began outside as Don and some of his men unloaded fuel tanks.  "Look dangerous" I said.  He smiled and reassured my safety.  Nearby, friends, businessmen and neighbors fueled their trucks and shared a morning greeting.  Something special here.  A relaxed atmosphere and dependable business that makes you feel "at home".

    When I asked Don how long his employee's have been with him, he replied "30 years, 20 years, and 10".  "You have to like people or you won't stay in business" quotes Don from a flyer printed on his 50th year of service celebration.  It is evident there is a lot of love and commitment to all who come in contact with the Morrison Family and D-J Petroleum.

    Thank you Don and Helen and your family, from all of us, your neighbors, friends and fellow business owners for your years of service to our town, Limon, and all who have passed through, we are grateful and honor you and your employee's for all you do.

    The Limon Chamber of Commerce

    Written by:  Ruth McMillen
                       Chamber Secretary