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  • Welcome!

    to the Limon Colorado Chamber of Commerce!

    Our Mission
    "Strengthening and supporting our local businesses to promote Limon as a destination location."

    The Vision
    "Facilitating community events in partnership with the Town of Limon, Lincoln County, and the State of Colorado to create attractions that draw visitors and residents to the area."

    History & Memories
    "Limon is a town in Lincoln County, Colorado, United States, named for John Limon (or Lymon), railroad construction supervisor. The population was 1,930 at the 2015 census. Limon is known as the "Hub City" of Eastern Colorado as Interstate 70, U.S. Routes 24, 71, 40, and 287 all cross paths here.


  • Upcoming Events

  • Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Colorado - Updates from Lincoln County Public Health

    Hello all,

    Your local public health department is working with other community partners in ensuring the best preventative measures and precautions of COVID-19 are being taken. It is extremely important that all community members attempt to take all preventive actions including good hand hygiene, staying home if you are sick, coughing/sneezing in your elbow or sleeve, and avoid touching your face. Attached is a document (COVID-19 Announcement) for you to place on doors of any establishment regarding your ask to decrease the chance of spreading disease. PLEASE print and post this attachment on all entrances of your business and help keep the community safe to the best of our ability.

    The Community Partner Mitigation Guidance form is for ALL retail food businesses (gas stations, restaurants/fast food, bars, groceries, etc). This guidance was developed to assist retail food establishments during our COVID-19 response.   The guidance discusses heightened approaches to elements already contained within the regulations around hygienic practices, sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces and employee health.  Guidance also directs establishments to contact their LPHA if staff presents with or has been diagnosed with COVID-19.  As it currently stands, an employee showing symptoms or having been diagnosed with COVID-19 is not an automatic mandate to close, but is an automatic mandate to contact their LPHA to assess the situation.  CPDHE stands ready to assist LPHAs in this event. For questions/concerns regarding this, please call your environmental health specialist, KELLY ALVAREZ, at (719) 346-7158 ext.118.

    Should you have any questions/concerns regarding anything else, please call Lincoln County Public Health (719) 743-2526. THANK YOU!

    Good Morning,
    Important information about the restaurant/bar closure. Please feel free to give out my name and number or call with any questions. THANKS!

    Kelly Alvarez
    Environmental Health Specialist
    719-346-7158-ext 118

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